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Company Profile

For more than a three decades, Weston & Muir has provided PC-based financial accounting software. Our product line is designed to meet the unique needs of financial institutions.

Weston & Muir works with bankers to meet the challenges of modern banking. By combining our banking experience with our expertise in software design and computers, we have created advanced and reliable systems that zero-in on solving specific banking problems. We are the Banking Software Specialists.

Bank software is different. For example, there can be no compromise in accuracy or auditability. With a former bank auditor on our staff, you can be assured that our software will meet your highest requirements.

Bank software is specialized. It’s not likely that you’ll find a construction loan fund control system at the local store. A generic accounts payable system isn’t likely to support your posting requirements.

Our systems were designed by bankers for bankers. We speak your language. We understand your needs and the way you do business.